Best Dog Clippers

Are you looking for the best dog clippers?

When you own a dog, you have to keep the hair trimmed because if you don’t, you can end up with a lot of problems.

To do this properly, you need proper dog clippers. It can be difficult to find these because there is so much choice in the marketplace.

To make it easier for you, this guide will cover the best dog grooming clippers that you can buy and give you tips on how to find the best clippers so that your dog is kept comfortable and looks great.

There are several things you have to look at it before you purchase your dog clippers. Here’s a look at the top features of the best dog clippers which will help you make the right decision.

Sets and Kits

Dog clippers tend to come in both sets and kits. A kit usually has a pair of clippers, a charger, and usually comes with some attachments as well as a brush. Acceptance to include more items such as brush, attachment, clippers, charger, and other tools for grooming such as tweezers, grooming scissors, nail file, nail trimmers, and so on. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to get a dog grooming set or a kit. You will have to keep this in mind but overall you were simply looking for the best dog grooming clippers that you can get and you’ll find many of these clippers in both kits and sets.

Cordless or cord

Clippers will come with either a cord or they will be cordless. If you use cordless it can be much easier because you won’t have the cord getting in the way. 

If your dog is well-behaved, then you might want to go with clippers that have a cord.

If you use cordless it can be much easier because you won’t have the cord getting in the way. If your dog is well-behaved, then you might want to go with clippers that have a cord. If your dog tends to be fussy and gets in the way when you’re trying to groom the animal then a cordless clipper will be easier because you don’t have the cord getting in your way.

Get Professional Grade Clippers

When looking for the best dog clippers You should consider professional-grade clippers. The reason for this is that your dog is going to get a better trim and they tend to be made better. You will find both ceramic blades and stainless steel blades. Ceramic tends to be a little bit better than stainless steel as they don’t heat up like stainless steel or have as much vibration but both types are sufficient for clipping your dog’s hair.

Accessories and attachments

It can be a good idea to ensure that you have attachments and accessories when using your dog clippers because you can do everything all at once. You should ensure you have tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, and a nail file. While you don’t have to have accessories necessarily you can make it easier to do everything all at once whenever you are grooming your dog. Some of these other items will be used less often than the clippers are but it is still nice to have them. It can also be a good idea to have length attachments for the clippers and not all of them come with this so you should ensure you have the right attachment before you start clipping the dog hair.


Spare Parts

Even the best dog grooming clippers are going to break down periodically. You should ensure that you have plenty of spare parts because there will be plenty of wear and tear with your clippers. You probably don’t have to replace clippers but the parts tend to break down. Make sure you have extra batteries as well as an extra blade so you can exchange blades when they start to get dull. Refer to your instruction manual that came with your clippers to see what other parts you might need.

Quiet Clippers

Clippers can get noisy so you want to ensure that the ones that you use are quiet. You will be spending a lot of time grooming your animal so you don’t want clippers that are loud because they might startle your dog and unsettled the animal while you’re trying to groom their hair. Some animals are sensitive to loud noises and might tend to run away so it can be a good idea to ensure that the clippers you get don’t make a lot of noise so your pet is comfortable.

The rotary speed per minute

The rotary speed per minute is one of the key things you have to look at before you buy your clippers. The rotary speed is what allows the clippers to go smoothly through the course coat of your animal and to deal with things such as hair knots. Professional dog clippers can be broken down into the following two categories:

  • Dog clippers with a single speed – If you’re new to clipping your dog, then this type of dog clipper should be the one that you buy. They don’t tend to heat up as much as clippers that have multiple speeds.
  • Dog clippers with variable speeds – These clippers are ideal for those that have been clipping dog hair for some time and want different speeds with their clippers. These tend to help you get professional looking a dog coats because they are so versatile.

Here are some other factors you should consider that indicate you're buying the best dog clippers for the right job:

Power and motor speed

You want your clippers to be able to cut through the dog coat very smoothly. If you don’t have powerful clippers they won’t be able to cut through a dense dog coat and this can be a problem. You want a decent RPM or rotations per minute with your clippers. This is how many times in one minute that the motor does a full rotation.

You want professional-grade clippers because these have high rotations per minute and plenty of power to get all of the clipping tasks done quickly and efficiently. Whenever you’re clipping you don’t usually want to go at full speed because the heat generated by the clippers may make the dog uncomfortable. When looking for the best dog clippers you need a balance between the speed, power, heat, noise, and the vibrations of the actual clipper unit.

You will probably want two different sets of dog clippers.  If you’re a professional you’re probably going to want a professional set as well as ones that are quite quiet. If you just cut dog hair for your own pet then you’re probably going to want to set that the variable speed so you can work with different tasks whenever you’re cutting dog hair. When you need a more precise trim you will use a lower speed when you’re trimming a lot of hair you’re going to use a higher speed.

Heat and vibrations

When looking for the best dog grooming clippers you should look at vibrations as well as the clipper noise or vibrations. Clippers that are quite powerful might not always be the best choice. Powerful dog clippers cut through the coat but there can be some problems such as the following:

  • There will be heat buildup in the blades
  • There is a large increase in the vibrations of the unit
  • Some sensitive dogs might not like the noise level of the clipper unit

You want to ensure that the clippers that are adapted to the coat of your dog so don’t buy something that is going to be overkill and too much for your specific pet. You want the clippers that are going to cut the hair sufficiently and be both quiet and cool. You want clippers that are going to admit as little as possible in terms of vibration at lower speeds.

The Weight and the size of the Clippers

The size and the weight them can make a large difference. Most clippers today are designed quite ergonomically so they’ll be comfortable in your hand so you can hold them for long durations. Ones that are lighter in weight in more compact make maneuvering around the dog coat a lot easier. Your hands will stay comfortable as you groom your pet. When you use lightweight clippers, you avoid hand fatigue. The problem with lighter clippers there tends to be more vibrations that both you and your dog are going to feel especially if they happen to be quite powerful and used at the top speed. You have to balance both the size and the weight them to meet your needs.

The Blades

Blades for clippers have improved quite a bit over the last decade. There have been new laser technologies and metal alloys used to make the blades. Some clippers will use interchangeable blades and this helped keep down the price of the clipper while others will use blades that are designed specifically just for that manufacturer. The best dog clippers tend to come with their own proprietary blades from the manufacturer. If you want to ensure a smooth cut you should exchange your blades frequently so that you have fresh ones. ceramic blades tend to be the better choice but they are also more expensive than other blades. The reason that ceramic blades are recommended is that they don’t create heat and they can be used for longer grooming sessions.

Use The Recommended Oil For Your Product

Your clippers will require regular maintenance and they will have to be properly oiled. The blade and the teeth of the device will get dull over time and lose their quality. If you don’t oil them properly you will get an uneven cut and you could miss hairs, nip the hair, or even cut the skin of your dog. Make sure you use the oil recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that your set is well maintained at all times.


You should consider getting a comb because this helps to keep an even trim around the body of your dog. You can get snap on comb sets as they come in different materials and various sizes. You will usually get around 5 to 10 comb guides in one set but you will probably only end up using a couple of them. The head of the clippers and the width of the blade should allow for the comb to fit perfectly and then snap on securely before you use them.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions 

Best Dog Clippers

Are Human Clippers and Dog Clippers Any Different?

Both human clippers and dog clippers have differences.  It’s not recommended that you use your own clippers on a dog because there is a higher chance that the clippers will jam. The metal on your dog clippers is heavier and thicker because they have to cut thicker hair and need more power.  Despite the fact that the clippers for both human hair and dog hair are similar, they are designed for different tasks so use them for their designated task.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog Clippers?

Please refer to the instructions for cleaning. In general, you want to brush the clippers off each time you use them to remove the debris from the device. You also want to wash the blade to remove all of the debris. If you want to maintain the blades you should clean them on a regular basis. Once per week vacuum or clean out the air vents of the device and oil the clipper blades at least once every two months. Make sure you hold the device downwards whenever you are cleaning or oiling it to avoid slips and potential injury.

The blade latch or the hinge holding the blade to the clipper should be replaced around every four months or so. You may also have carbon brushes with the clippers that you might want to also replace. Please refer to your clipper manual for instructions about parts that you might need to replace on a periodic basis. Make note of any defects on your clipper and make the necessary replacement of any parts that have worn out.

How Should I Hold My Clippers?

there is no wrong or right way to hold your clippers as long as they feel comfortable in your hand. Some find holding them underhanded to be easier While others prefer to hold them over ended. Make sure that the blade is parallel to the dog’s skin whenever you cut and get the right angle. You want to be flat against the skin but make sure it’s always parallel to the surface so that you avoid nicking the dog’s skin.

Can I Shave A Wet Dog or a Matted Dog?

It’s generally a good idea to ensure that you brush out the dog coat before you cut it. This may not always be possible. If this is the case, then it’s generally a good idea to simply shave the dog. Shaving matted dog hair can be quite rough on the clippers. It’s a good idea to wet down the hair prior to shaving as this will help save the clippers from damage and the dog will be kept more comfortable. If the hair is matted, simply what it down prior to cutting it and everything should go a lot easier.


This guide should help you pick out the best dog clippers to meet your needs. Weight all of the options as there are a lot of preferences and features you might have to think about before you finally decide on the best dog grooming clippers for your individual needs.

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