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Best Dog Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Diabetes may be found in both humans and dogs. In order to prevent and manage this condition, you have to pay attention to your pet’s diet and exercise. If your dog is suffering from diabetes, give him a diet specially designed for diabetic dogs.

There is a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the best dog foods for Diabetic dogs. So, we’re to make your decisions narrower a bit. Keep reading this post to learn about the best recommendations on the market today.

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Signs of Diabetes in Dogs

Many dog owners miss the early signs of diabetes. As a dog owner, you need to pay close attention to your dog.

There are some common signs of diabetes in dogs. They include increased urination, increased thirst, unexplained weight loss, appetite changes, unexplained fatigue, fruity breath, chronic skin or yeast infections, depression, urinary tract infections, and cataracts.

If you notice your dog has any of these signs, find veterinary assistance promptly. If you let these signs last so long, your dog may need hospitalization to stabilize.

If possible, it’s best to avoid these signs at all costs. Your dog needs the best chance of recovering.

Breeds That Can Get Diabetes

Some dog breeds are more likely to get diabetes than other dog breeds. We can say some of them such as Australian terriers, Samoyed, Dachshunds, Keeshonds, Golden retrievers, Puli, Poodles, Beagles, Bichon Frises, and Fox terriers.

Females can more easily get diabetes when compared to thin males. These dogs normally develop diabetes late in life.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Your dog diet plays an important role in treating diabetes in dogs. There are two main types of diabetes in dogs. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the right dog foods for diabetes.

Portion Control

With problem may a result of insulin present. Sometimes, it doesn’t work properly. It’s no longer working to remove glucose to his cells.

If you continue feeding your pet glucose every time, it’s still in his blood. This can lead to the abnormal accumulation of glucose in the blood.

It’s best to give an equal amount of calories as the needed amount for basic and complex physical activities.

High Fiber Content

It’s essential to understand the difference between insoluble fibers and soluble. In fact, soluble fibers feature water that is turned into a mushy gel. On the other hand, your dog needs insoluble fibers to form his stool.

First, you can consider a high-fiber diet of the soluble kind. It means you can feed your pet diets including oat bran, lentils, seeds, nuts, barley, peas, some vegetable, and fruits, as well as beans.

To slow down your dog’s digestion, you need to reduce carbohydrates in food. Then, your dog can get better control of his blood glucose levels.

Insoluble fibers may be found in wheat bran, vegetables, and whole grains. They can help with glucose control. These ingredients can help your pet feel full.

Low Glycemic Index

This is determined by the ability of carbohydrates present in the dog foods. Then, you can adjust the level of glucose in the blood.

Low-glycemic foods are essential for releasing glucose content in a steadier. Avoid feeding your pet high-glycemic foods such as white rice, potatoes, and wheat.

It’s a good idea to go for complex carbohydrates compared to simple carbs as the latter.

Low to Moderate Fat

Fat is an important ingredient for dogs. It helps to maintain your dog’s healthy coat. In order to reduce the risk of diabetes, it’s important to give your pet an unusually high amount of calories.

Avoid feeding him too much fat in the diet. Otherwise, he can easily get pancreatitis or inflammation. The glucose is transported from the blood into the cells thanks to the hormone. Reduce the amount of fat in your pet’s diet can help him with diabetes.

Reduced Carbs

Carbs are actually digested faster than proteins and fats. So, this is the best energy source for your pet. Too much carbohydrate may affect strongly on blood glucose levels. As a result, it can increase the blood sugar level after a meal.

You may still maintain the carbohydrates in your pet’s food. It’s important to know that these carbs come with lower glycemic indices.

High Protein

Proteins are the most difficult to digest among three macronutrients. Therefore, it may take a longer time for this process. It can help your pet feel fuller longer. This may result in a slower rise in blood sugar level.

Types of Diets for Canine Diabetes


Dry dog foods are available in a lot of carbohydrate fillers. These dog foods can’t give the proper amounts of moisture your dog needs.


These dog foods can provide your pet with exceptional moisture levels. Actually, there is a lot of additives as well as preservatives. Sometimes the protein may be lower quality.


If you don’t know whether your dog has any health problems like diabetes, you can consider feeding him raw dog foods. They are high in proteins, but low in fats & carbs content. Plus, these dog foods don’t contain preservatives and additives.

What to Avoid Feeding Dogs with Diabetes

For dogs with diabetes, it’s best to avoid foods that are high in simple sugars. Also, you have to avoid choosing products with high glycemic indices. If you give him too much fat in the diet, he may get inflammation of the pancreas.

Dog Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Core Natural Grain Free Original Formula Dry Dog Food

This dog food is a good choice for dogs with diabetes. It comes with high-calorie content. It features 421 kilocalories. The food is formulated with low-fat content.

Its main ingredients include turkey and chicken. There are healthy vegetables and fruits. Also, there are 4 strains of probiotics that help to improve your pet’s digestion.

Checking the nutritional information of this recipe, there are 34% protein, 16% fat, and 4% fiber.

Glycobalance Dry Dog Food by Royal Canin

If you are looking for the best dog foods for diabetic dogs, this food may be just for you. This formulation is low in calories and fat contents. It’s rich in proteins and fibers. The fact is that this product offers the highest levels of fiber in our list.

It ensures to give better control of glucose absorption. At the same time, it can help to reduce abnormally sudden spikes in the sugar levels.

Its first five ingredients include the chicken meal, barley, corn, gluten meal, and powdered cellulose. Also, it is added with other beneficial ingredients, including vitamins and minerals.

Because of corn gluten and wheat in ingredients, some dogs may be allergic to these ingredients.

Grain-Free Real Buffalo Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

This recipe is known for four different meat ingredients, including buffalo, turkey, chicken, and salmon. Feeding your pet this recipe, he can get DHA and EPA that are great for dogs with diabetes.

Also, the food comes with chondroitin and glucosamine. They won’t cause further strains in your dog’s body. This food also ensures to offer better glucose absorption due to 4 different strains of probiotic organisms.

Compared to most of the different products, the fat content in this recipe is lower. It promises to give dogs the highest amounts of proteins they need.

ACANA Heritage Meats Formula Dry Dog Food by Orijen

Another good dry dog food for dogs with diabetes is ACANA Heritage Meats. It’s available in a 13 pounds bag. The food is made from 60% premium meat ingredients and 40% others sourced from vegetables, fruits, and botanicals.

The food ensures to give your dog a biologically-appropriate superfood. It’s available in the right ratio of essential fatty acids. Also, there is glucosamine to help strengthen his joints.

Its first five ingredients include the beef meal, deboned beef and pork, whole red lentils, whole pinto beans, and whole green peas.

Plus, there are EPA, DHA, and probiotics added in the recipe. Omega fatty acids, calcium, and phosphorus are also formulated in this dog food.

Nutrisca Grain Free Chicken & Chickpea Recipe Dry Dog Food

This product is highly recommended for dogs with diabetes because of the low-glycemic index. There is no soy, corn, wheat, grains, and potatoes found in this formulation. These ingredients may make blood sugar levels increased.

The food contains real chicken listed as the principal ingredient. The food is rich in protein contents and low in fat contents. It allows your dog to easily absorb the food. Although it doesn’t contain the highest fiber content, it still can work well for taming sudden blood sugar spikes.

ROYAL CANIN Glycobalance

This product is designed exactly for dogs with diabetes. It promises to give your pet the right kind of nutrition he needs for keeping blood sugar under control. Also, this is a good choice for managing gastrointestinal issues.

The food is packed with a variety of fiber sources. It can manage your pet’s blood sugar levels. In place of simple sugars, the food is made with slow-burning complex carbohydrates.

This food doesn’t contain a whole protein. Moreover, this option is more expensive than other brands.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Healthy Weight Recipe

If you are looking for dog food with natural ingredients for dogs with diabetes, you should consider this recipe. It’s formulated with farm-raised chicken as well as the essential vitamins and minerals.

Also, it comes with low-glycemic-index carbohydrates to help manage your pet’s blood sugar levels. Sure, your dog can still feel full.

You can also feed this formula to dogs that are prone to allergies because of no corn, soy, and wheat found in.

Some customer complaint that the food is packed with no probiotic supplements. Your dog also may not like the taste of this recipe.

Solid Gold High Protein – Grain & Gluten Free Dog Food

This formula ensures to give dogs the kind of nutrition they need. Not like some lesser brands, this food is formulated with no troubling fillers. This is the best formulation from Solid Gold for diabetic dogs.

The food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. There is no grain and gluten. Instead, it features a number of high-quality protein sources. Especially, this food is made of 16 different nutrient-rich superfoods.

It also provides him with plenty of omega fatty acids. These ingredients are necessary for your dog’s coat and skin health.

Some customers reviewed that this dog food is not palatable for their pet.


Diabetes may be one of the scariest things your dog may go through. However, don’t worry! You can manage this condition in a ton of ways. The first of them is to tweak your dog’s diet. This purposes to get rid of simple carbs. When choosing the best dog foods for diabetes, it’s important to choose ones that aren’t made with sugars or a high glycemic index. Also, don’t forget to reduce the amount of fat in your pet’s diet.

With the right care and management, you can keep your dog’s life healthy long. Hopefully, our reviews of the best dog foods for diabetes above can help to narrow your options when choosing ones.

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