Best No Pull Harness

The Best No Pull Harness for Dogs

There are a lot of different harnesses out there that suit different types of temperaments in dogs. You get ones that are good for dogs that get hot easily, ones that withstand water better, reflective ones, ones with funky colors, so it can be quite daunting to find which one is right for you and your pooch.

For instance, when considering which harness to buy for my small-medium sized highly active dog that just loves putting her nose to the wind and flying after anything that moves when the mood takes her I would consider the following: SHE’S A CHASER.

And that’s why I decided to write this review. Because I want to take the hassle out of finding the perfect harness for dogs that pull.

It’s an annoying habit and can leave anyone that owns a puller feeling more frustrated than relaxed after taking their dog for a walk.

Do you want to feel like one of those idyllic dog owners that can actually enjoy the view when taking their dog for a walk? I sure do! 

Right at the top here we have our comparison table, scroll down to read our indepth reviews on each product, or skip to the bottom for our Buyers Guide if you need some more info on what you are looking for! 

Product Reviews for the Best No Pull Harness!

1 – No-Pull Pet Harness by Rabbitgoo

This no-pull pet harness has 2 metal attachment points for the leash. They’re located on the back and chest. The material is breathable and includes heavy padding to provide more comfort. It’s also strong/weatherproof so you can use the harness year-round.

Another big feature of the unit is its straps. The reflective straps help to boost your dog’s safety when walking your dog. This boosts your dog’s visibility to make night walking safer for the pet and owner. The side straps provide a custom fit for your pet pooch.

The dog harness also includes several ergonomic features. Pulling and choking are prevented since the unit’s pulling pressure is distributed evenly over the body. The design is also easy on/easy off, so it’s completely hassle-free.

Key Features

  • No-pull functionality
  • 2 heavy-duty leash attachment points
  • Side strap for custom fit
  • 4 different sizes available
  • 3M reflective oxford material

Not good for ….

  • Straps not very durable
  • Material sometimes frays/loose

2 – No-Pull Dog Harness by PetLove

This no-pull dog harness is from PetLove. It’s the 2XL size, but the ranges available are from 3XS to 2XL. The dog harness is durable, scratch-resistant, and stylish. The 2XL version has a big loading capacity.

The harness is easy to put on and take off. Adjustable straps provide a custom fit for your dog. It is comfy/lightweight with mesh lining and soft padding in the chest/belly area.

This harness also includes various safety features. One of the main ones is the reflective material that boosts your dog’s visibility at nighttime.

All PetLove products are backed by a 3-month warranty. Make sure to read the terms & conditions of the warranty.

Key Features

  • Scratch-resistant material for more durability
  • High loading capacity with high tensile strength
  • Easy to put on/take off harness
  • Lightweight mesh lining and soft padding for high comfort
  • Available in 8 sizes to fit dogs of different sizes

Not good for ..

  • Large tag isn’t removable

3 –  Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe

Sizing is easier with the company’s video for measuring the dog’s width/girth. The manufacturer offers a perfect fit guarantee that provides a replacement size. For a small fee, you can also return the harness if there are any rips/tears due to chewing/scratching. You just have to contact customer service.

This hardness is different from traditional harnesses. It steers dog to the walker’s side to help reduce/stop leash pulling. The harness rests on the dog’s chest/belly instead of the throat area, which helps to prevent choking.

There are 4-point adjustments to help pick the right size for your dog. The belly strap’s color helps you figure out which straps go on top/bottom.

Key Features

  • Perfect Fit guarantee if you need a different size
  • Straps are on chest to prevent gaging/choking
  • Replacement harness shipped for a low fee
  • Steers dog to your side to reduce/stop leash pulling
  • 8 sizes available for dogs
  • Good harness for big breed dogs
  • 4 points for adjustability and custom fit
  • Very easy to put on/take off

Not good for …

  • Some adjustments needed for fit
  • Hardness loosens after some walks

4 –  No-Pull Dog Harness by JUXZH

This is a durable, stylish, and safe harness that’ designed for dog training and to improve safety. The pressure is distributed evenly on the dog’s body for better comfort. The nylon webbing is reflective to make your dog more visible for night walks. A size chart is provided to help select the right one for your mutt.

The harness includes 2 attachment points for the leash. That includes one on the dog’s chest and one on the back. The handle can be used to attach to the seatbelt when your dog is riding in the car.

There’s also more comfort provided with the sponge padding and mesh lining. This will help to keep your pet as comfy as possible.

Key Features

  • Scratch-resistant Oxford material
  • Comfortable/ergonomic design for easy put on/take off
  • Comfy/lightweight mesh lining
  • Lightweight Draflex buckle
  • Dog harness available in several sizes and colors
  • Anti-pull loop located in the front
  • Excellent handle for long walks and hiking

Not good for ….

  • Straps are stiff and hard to adjust
  • Not best for everyday use

5 – No-Pull Dog Harness by Barkbay

The hardness is made of sturdy/lightweight no-rip nylon and anti-chafe padding for extra comfort. It’s designed for active dogs that enjoy hiking and running with their owners.

Custom fit is also available with the 4-point adjustments. This makes it a cinch to put on/take off the harness. The padding in stomach/chest gives the wearer more freedom in shoulder movement. It also provides comfort after hours of active wear.

The metal clip points offer safe/sturdy connection that won’t rust. The light quick-release buckles make the harness a cinch to put on/take off.

The easy-lift handle provides extra control and safety for the dog owner. This provides more convenience and makes it easier to walk/train your dog. You also get ultra-reflective strips, so your dog is visible even at nighttime when it’s dark outside.

Key Features

  • 4 points of adjustment & 2 leash attachment points on back/chest
  • Reflective strips to keep dog visible at night
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Made from lightweight no-rip nylon
  • Reflective feature improves safety/security
  • Handle can help lift dog off the ground
  • Good option for large dogs

Not good for …

  • Adjustments are stiff at first
  • Dog may chew through the webbing

6 – Adventure Dog Harness by Embark Pets

This size is designed for large breeds like Great Dane and St. Bernard. The material is durable yet lightweight. There are also attachment points that are 4x-reinforced. It’s also sewn w/ military-quality nylon thread.

The Adventure Dog Harness has a front leash attachment that’s no-pull. You can train your dog by walking in front of it.

This harness is easy to put on your dog and take off. You’ll just have to adjust the neck/chest size then slip the harness over your pooch’s head.

There’s also an easy-control handle located on the back. This lets you control/help your dog when needed. You can then take it on a long hiking/training session.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that offers a replacement for a new size.

Key Features

  • Easy to put on/take off
  • 4x reinforced attachment points
  • Easy-control handle on back to control/assist dog
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Available in four sizes and three colors
  • Reflective material for nighttime
  • Effective for dogs recovering from injury

Not good for ..

  • Buckle has reported to slip open very occasionally

7 – No-Pull Dog Harness (2018) by PoyPet

This is the new 2018 version that’s durable and easy to use. It’s a no-pull harness with strap for belly and neckline. This makes it easy to put on/take off. It includes leash attachment points with strong webbing.

There’s also soft/breathable mesh padding that’s non-toxic. Pulling pressure is distributed evenly to prevent the dog from choking. The handle is ergonomic and provides better control when guiding the dog.

Night walking is easier with reflective stitching that boosts visibility at nighttime. The harness is also good for dialing walking, hiking, running, training, and outdoor adventures.

Key Features

  • Reflective vest
  • Quick-snap buckle for easy on/easy off function
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • 2 leash attachments on front & back
  • Very sturdy construction/design
  • Very easy to put on/take off/adjust

Not good for …

  • Elastic in straps cause them to twist
  • Some dogs can chew through it

No Pull Harness - Our Guide for Buyers

Ok, so if you’ve decided that no pulling is the main criteria for your dog’s next harness there are a couple more things to consider:

  • Size:

Some of the harnesses are better equipped for either large or small dogs. If you have a petite little Chihuahua the chances are you’ll pick a harness with a narrower band than if you have a Rottweiler. A few of the harnesses mentioned later also only come in specific sizes. Your best bet would be to measure your dog and check the specific dimensions of the harness size before ordering. Then it is also recommended to choose a size that is slightly too big rather than too small, because it may make your dog uncomfortable or cause chafing if the harness is too tight.

  • Comfort

Would you want to get into a pair of trainers that chaff and pinch? No, neither would I and neither would your dog. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure the harness you get for your dog is comfortable for them. Some dogs have very fine hair and sensitive skin and won’t be happy in just any old thing.

  • Activities:

The next thing to consider would be where you will be taking your dog in their brand new no pull harness. If you enjoy just walking down the street then you wouldn’t need to pay too much attention to breathability and flexibility. But, if you want to take your dog with you on a hike and let them off the lead to go swim for instance, these things will have to be taken into account. For my dog I’d choose something that dries quickly and isn’t too bulky, because she loves swimming. But if you take your dog for walks at night you will probably want to get one that is reflective to keep them safe in the dark.

  • Strength/ Durability:

Different dogs have different needs when it comes to the strength and durability of a harness. It’s the same as with the size difference. If you have a big, strong dog you would do best to get a strong harness with double or X-stitching. Some of the materials used are also not as durable as others. For instance nylon won’t perish in water as quickly as the padding on some of the fancier harnesses.

  • Attachment Points:

The number of attachment points is another thing to look out for. Some harnesses claim to be no pull harnesses but only have a single attachment point. Then there are others that have up to four attachment points. Another thing that could be useful if you like driving before going for a walk then getting a harness that has an attachment point that doubles as a seat belt connector would be useful.

  • Overall Appearance And Use:

The last thing to take into consideration will be how easy the harness is to use and what it looks like. Some of the harnesses can be a bit annoying when your dog is excited and just won’t sit still because they’re SO excited to go on a walk. In those cases it would be easier to get a harness with enough clips to make it easy to take on and off, but not so many that you have to fidget for too long. Lastly there is the color. A lot of the harnesses come in a wide variety of colors, so make sure you pick one that you like.

In conclusion then, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing a no pull harness for your dog. As an owner you have to think in advance for the sake of your dog. As a consumer you have to think in advance for the sake of your pocket, because it’s not like you can just take the harness back if it breaks because your puppy chewed it. So here are the considerations again, in order of importance:

  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Activities
  • Strength/ Durability
  • Attachment Points
  • Overall Appearance And Use

We would love to know what you have tried and found works with your puller, Drop us a line in the comments! 


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