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$29.99 (as of January 27, 2019, 8:39 am) $14.95

PERSONALIZED DOG COLLAR – Engraved leather collar with name, phone, or other text of your choice
BONE, HEART OR PAW DESIGNS – No additional cost

A personalized dog collar that ships from the USA on the next business day! Don’t choose a collar shipped slowly from China, our shop is in Vermont.
Soft pink, blue, green, orange, yellow or red leather with different text styles to choose between. 1 inch wide for M or L size. 3/4 inch collar width for small size. 1/2 inch width collar for extra small size. Personalized dog collars are perfect as a service dog collar, a dog wedding collar or any other use you’ll believe! Made of genuine leather, engraved in Vermont. A in reality prime quality customized pet id alternative. These custom dog collars replace pet tags and cheap embroidered collars. Customizable with your phone number and your puppy or dog’s name, or anything you wish to have! The most durable, heavy duty variation on dog id tags. The best dog collar in terms of keeping your dog secure. Comes in large, medium, small or xs collar sizes. Custom pet collars make your dog stand out from the rest. Metal id dog tags are noisy and become lost or become unreadable at the same time as a dog collar with name engraved is permanently readable. 100% guaranteed quality. We are absolutely sure you’re going to love this collar.
Collar size is based on your dog’s neck measurement – Please measure your dog’s neck and leave room to slide 2 fingers under the tape measure or string when snug around the dog’s neck.
(XS) Dog Collar for XS Dogs: 8.5”-11” Neck Measurement
(S) Dog Collar for Small Dogs: 11.5”-14” Neck Measurement
(M) Dog Collar for Medium Dogs: 14.5”-17.5” Neck Measurement
(L) Dog Collar for Large Dogs: 18”-22” Neck Measurement

PERSONALIZED DOG COLLAR – Engraved leather collar with name, phone, or other text of your choice
BONE, HEART OR PAW DESIGNS – No additional cost
(XS) X Small Dog Collar: 8.5”-11” Neck Measurement, (S) Small Dog Collar: 11.5”-14” Neck Measurement, (M) Medium Dog Collar: 14.5”-17.5” Neck Measurement, (L) Large Dog Collar: 18”-22” Neck Measurement
100% guaranteed quality – we are confident you’re going to be pleased with your new, durable, dog id collar!

Shipping Information

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