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$12.99 (as of January 27, 2019, 8:44 am)

Stylish Braided Design::Hand-made Braided,Faux leather with soft suede leather braided trims make your pets look more unique and charming.
SOFT & COMFORTABLE:Soft padded inner and flexible leather material offer a snug wearing for your dogs.
Engraved leather collars with stainless steel nameplate perfect for Jack Russell Terrier,Miniature Poodle,Pups,Beagles,Yorkie,Chihuahua.

Stylish Braided Design::Hand-made Braided,Faux leather with soft suede leather braided trims make your pets look more unique and charming.
SOFT & COMFORTABLE:Soft padded inner and flexible leather subject material offer a snug wearing to your dogs.
Engraved leather collars with stainless-steel nameplate best possible for Jack Russell Terrier,Miniature Poodle,Pups,Beagles,Yorkie,Chihuahua.
SIZING SELECT:Please be sure you measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to verify the very best fit.
one hundred% guaranteed quality – We guarantee your satisfaction,any query,please contact us first,we will be able to replace or refund your purchase.

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