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$79.99 (as of December 18, 2018, 4:07 pm)

RF Finder Longest Range up to 1600 ft lightest pet Safety Tracking Device only 0.28oz Small Pets Dog Pro-Track-tor

  • Girafus Pro-track-tor WORKS IN and OUTDOORS You can find your furry friend even if is hiding in garages, cellars, neighbors house, and many other places!
  • NO MONTHLY FEE-as For The Gps Trackers! THE RANGE- Up To 500 Metres /1600 Feet (clear Line Of Sight!) Most Of the other Trackers Have A Range of less than 150m/500feet
Size:2 Tags

NO MONTHLY FEE!-as for the GPS Trackers! Protected 2.4GHz RF-Technologie. The Tag-modul is only 0.28oz with battery. Ideal for small cats or dogs. The Tags are probably the smallest and lightest in this field. Silicon Sleeve-Splashproof Case for activities outside THE RANGE! UP TO 500 METRES /1600 FEET (clear line of sight!). Most of similar products have a range (clear line of site) of less than 150m/500feet. Direction indicator shows you the right direction in the search area. LEDs and signal tones (will also be switched off) provides you with the approximate distance to the transmitter IS YOUR PET A BELOVED FAMILY MEMBER? Ever worried about losing your pet? This ultimate Girafus pro-TRACK-tor Pet Tracker 227PA is the most productive solution for such situations! Insert batteries and turn the Baseunit on and the search will also be started. The device is already preconfigured UP TO 4 PETS: You’ll use the pro-TRACK-tor with up to 4 Tags. Low temperature allerts!!! The most CR2032 button cells aren’t operable at temperatures below 0° C. We recommend: the usage of chargeable button cell batteries LIR2032, which are suitable up to minus 15° C and the associated charger What you get: Base Unit: 1 Set Tag Unit: depending on your choice (1,2,3 or 4 Tags) Batteries: AAA CR2032 Velcro strap, Strap, Hook, Silicon Sleeve-Splashproof Case, User Manual and the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM GIRAFUS

CATS ARE NOT DOGS 🙂 They hide in such a lot of places where GPS Trackers don’t work! GET PEACE OF MIND with the RF tracker of Girafus and FIND YOUR BELOVED PET WHEREVER HIDES
Girafus Pro-track-tor WORKS IN and OUTDOORS You’ll find your furry friend despite the fact that is hiding in garages, cellars, neighbors house, and many other places!
NO MONTHLY FEE-as For The Gps Trackers! THE RANGE- Up To 500 Metres /1600 Feet (clear Line Of Sight!) Most Of the other Trackers Have A Range of less than 150m/500feet
BATTERY LIFETIME-IMPROVED! UP TO 30 DAYS NOW – with the included Rechargeable Batteries and charger. LIGHTWEIGHT PET MODULE only 28oz with battery!
UP TO 4 PETS-choose the Tag quantity you wish to have. WHAT YOU GET: One Base Unit, Tag Unit (1,2,3 or 4 Tags), Batteries: AAA, LIR2032, CHARGER, Velcro strap, Strap, Hook, SILICON SLEEVE-SPLASHPROOF CASE, User Manual

Product Dimensions

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Shipping Weight

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