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$34.99 (as of January 27, 2019, 8:38 am) $24.95

PERSONALIZED PREMIUM DOG COLLAR – Add any text you want, some ideas include your dogs name, your phone #, an address, 2 phone #s, or be creative on this ID Dog Collar. Maximum of 24 characters. PLUS, add an artistic icon for some personality
100% GUARANTEED – This customized dog collar is backed by the Yellow Dog Design 100% Guarantee. Covered against fraying, fading, breaks, tears, and even chewing
MADE IN THE USA – This name dog collar is manufactured from start to finish by Yellow Dog Design Inc in Greensboro NC. They make it and we’ll handle all of the shipping and service. We appreciate your support of US based businesses

PERSONALIZED PREMIUM DOG COLLAR – Add any text you wish to have, some ideas include your dogs name, your phone #, an address, 2 phone #s, or be creative on this ID Dog Collar. Maximum of 24 characters. PLUS, add an artistic icon for some personality
100% GUARANTEED – This customized dog collar is backed by the Yellow Dog Design 100% Guarantee. Covered against fraying, fading, breaks, tears, and even chewing
MADE IN THE USA – This name dog collar is manufactured from begin to finish by Yellow Dog Design Inc in Greensboro NC. They make it and we’re going to take care of all the shipping and service. We appreciate your give a boost to of US based businesses
HI-DEF DESIGN – This dog collar is completely computer generated and integrated with the fabric. It WILL NOT come off. It isn’t a sticker, decal, or other superficial application. This production process creates a crystal clear finished product so as to POP on the collar
PREMIUM DOG COLLAR – This premium custom dog collar features all weather nickel plated hardware. Including a patented metal clasp, sturdy d-ring for leash attachment, and metal keeper to prevent resizing at the same time as on the dog. As with every metal please use caution in corrosive environments such as salt water

Product Dimensions

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Shipping Weight

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