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The Ultimate Guide to the best dog collars

How to choose the best collar for your dog and our top picks!

Every dog needs a collar, it’s there own personal means of identification and whilst they serve a number of purposes, primarily we need to have a way to identify them should they get lost or escape!

Dog collars come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors and there are all sorts of different types for different purposes – so many that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, confused and possibly end up with something totally unsuitable for your dog.

So we have done the hard work for you and put together a shortlist of our favourites. 

In this ultimate guide, you will discover the different types of dog collars and what they are used for 

Selecting the right type and size collar 

When picking a canine collar, it’s important to select the right size unit. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose – after measuring your dog’s neck size, you should add 1-3 inches based on its size. If it’s too loose, your pet could pull the collar off, and if it’s too tight, it could experience discomfit, pain, hair loss, and skin infection.

There’s an easy way to test the collar’s fit. Slide two fingers under the collar. It should feel snug yet not tight. This test helps to ensure your canine’s neck won’t be uncomfortable yet it also won’t have too much wiggle room.

With so many different types to choose from we have listed out the main types of dog collars you can pick for your pooch:

Reflective/LED Collar

If you walk your dogs early morning or at nighttime, then this is a good option. Reflective/light-up collars are a must-have in terms of safety.

This is especially true during Daylight Savings Time. You might be unable to adjust the time you walk your dog at night. So an LED/reflective collar can be effective in keeping your dog safe. You want the best for Fido or Daisy, so this is a good option for nighttime dog-walking.

Quick Release Collar

This type of collar has a snap that’s easy on/off and ideal for playful puppies. If you’re looking for a good collar for wrestling dogs or ones going to doggy daycare, this is it. The reason is if there’s a rumble or accident a human can remove the collar easily.

Buckle Collar

This is a traditional style with a buckle and notches. Think of it like the belts humans wear around their waists. This collar style is typically sturdy and will stay secure on your doggy.  There’s little chance it will accidentally get snagged off. So this is a good choice for dogs that hike and swim.

Martingale Collar

This is a double-loop collar that’s built to tighten whenever the canine pulls away. The plus is Martingale collars are less likely than spike, chain, and slip leashes to cause your dog to choke. So if you’re looking for a collar for dog training, this is a good option.

Head/Halter Collar

These are gentle yet efficient collars that loop around the mutt’s snout to apply a little pressure when they try to pull away during walks. That said, due to the placement, only a little tension is required for the pooches to correct themselves.

This is a good option for puppy owners and especially if they’ve tried other options and they didn’t work. One of the tough issues about halters is they can be difficult for some dogs to get accustomed to.

Breakaway Collar

These collars are built to pop off your mutt if they get stuck on something or pulled. This helps to prevent several situations when dogs are playing in your home or outside. It’s especially effective if your dog is home alone sometimes since it helps to prevent choking.

These collars include a buckle that is released when pressure is applied. It results in the collar falling off, which eliminates the safety issue.


These items aren’t collars per se, but they’re a good option for walking your dog. Harnesses allow humans to sustain control while not placing strain on the mutt’s necks. If the harness fits well, it will remain on the dog’s neck.

Do harnesses have any downsides?

The main one is your dog might be encouraged to pull and mainly if the clip is located on the back. So it’s better to look for a front-clip harness. You should also avoid putting the harness on your dog all day/every day since the straps can cause irritation.

Product Reviews and Recommendations for the best dog collars

Hopefully, that list has clarified the different types that are available. As well as the different types, there are also different collars for different purposes and activities.

We have taken an in-depth look at some of these and selected our favorite ones below.

General collars for every day use

Most dogs need to get out every day – at least once! Exercise is an important part of your pooch’s daily routine and it’s a requirement for keeping your dog’s muscles and bones healthy.

Walking can also help to prevent your dog from destructive behaviour like chewing on things. It’s also a good chance for your dog to urinate/eliminate when necessary and socialize with other dogs/puppies.

So when picking a general collar for walking what should you look for?

The collar should be durable, well-fitting, and, and effective and if you’re walking your pet at night, it should also be reflective/lit so drivers, cyclists, etc. can see your furry friend easily. We have picked a selection of our favorites below –

1. Soft Mesh Padded Dog Collar by Petcomer

Petcomer is under the umbrella company Shanghai SENFUL Corporation. The company offers a wide selection of budget pet accessories for pet owners who are searching for products with style and functionality.

This dog collar is made of soft mesh padding. It’s comfy and breathable. The unit also does wear on the canine’s fur/skin.

The buckle is durable and lightweight. It has a big loading capacity, which improves the buckle’s tensile strength. Another benefit of the buckle is it’s quite easy to put on.

The leash attachment points include O-rings made of zinc-alloy. This provides durable and anti-corrosive units.

The collar is also fully adjustable, so it’s easy to fit for your pet pooch. It’s important to review the size chart when placing an order to make sure you order the right size for your canine.

The collar includes 3M reflective material. This provides good visibility from the road at nighttime. This in turn will help to keep your pet as safe as possible.


  • Adjustable for easy fitting
  • Sturdy leash attachment points
  • Soft mesh padding that’s comfy/breathable
  • 3M reflective
  • Duraflex buckle


  • Returns/customer service
  • Ring for dog tag is quite big
  • Not durable

2. Adjustable Padded Dog Collar (Medium) by Blueberry Pet

Blueberry Pet focuses on developing quality pet products. It offers a wide range of products including pet toys, collars, harnesses, leashes, crates, etc. The company’s philosophy is to treat customers with high-end service, and it explains the company’s strategies.

This Padded Dog Collar is available in neck sizes ranging from 37cm to 50mm. Meanwhile, the whole webbing width of the Medium collar is 2.5 cm. The width of the neoprene layer is 2cm.

The collar is one product. However, you can also pair it with a lead/harness, so you create a complete look. Keep in mind these items are sold separately.

One plus of this collar is the classic print that includes a new take on it. Roses are printed in a colour combo to create a spring-like combo of pink and green. This makes the dog collar a good choice for daytime or special event.

The collar is constructed from a polyester webbing that’s high-density. There’s a bottom layer constructed of comfortable neoprene made of synthetic rubber. Neoprene provides high-end chemical stability and keeps its flexibility in a wide range of temperatures.

There are other features that add to the durability of the collar. The D ring is chrome-coated for extra durability. Meanwhile, the grey buckles are constructed from “green” plastic.

The loop that’s tied to the loop is designed specifically of attaching it to various items like dog tags, charms, or accessories. However, you shouldn’t use this loop to attach a dog leash.

It’s important to note the collar doesn’t stretch by itself. Make sure you can only fit 2 fingers between the collar and dog’s neck. This will prevent your dog from chewing through the collar. You should avoid leaving your dog not attended while wearing the collar.

You should also measure your dog’s neck to make sure you’re ordering the right size. You can confirm which size you need by reviewing the size chart for the weight range.


  • Size chart provided
  • Eco-friendly plastic
  • Loop designed for attaching items
  • Durable polyester webbing
  • Easy to use


  • Very bulky in some areas
  • Color fades
  • Overall quality not as good as some priced higher

3. Stainless Steel Training Dog Collar by Moonpet

The 2-row dog chain has an eye-catching design while is still durable/functional. It’s constructed from strong stainless steel. This means you won’t have to worry about the collar rusting/tarnishing. It’s also designed to maintain a long-term polished finish.

This stainless steel dog collar is available in 3 sizes/lengths, and each unit includes 2 rings. Before ordering the dog collar, it’s important to measure the dog’s neck in order to pick the right size.

This collar is a good option for gentle control. The stainless steel won’t irritate the dog’s skin, and smooth chain keeps the dog as comfy as possible. It’s also chrome-plated to provide extra strength/durability.

When using this dog collar, it’s critical to use it only when it’s on a leash. In turn, this will help to prevent possible safety issues.

Moonpet offers a satisfaction guarantee. This is a plus since it helps to protect your investment. Make sure to read the guarantee’s fine print, so you’ll know exactly what it covers.


  • Stainless steel metal
  • 3 different sizes
  • Good for training/controlling dog
  • Very durable/functional
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Not good for big dogs
  • Sizes sometimes don’t match up with the description
  • Overall quality could be better

4. Padded Adjustable Pet Dog collar (XL) by Dexil

Dexil focuses on offering products with high quality and reliability. This provides the best experience for pet pooches and their owners. This is true whether you’re at home or walking in public at the park or around the block.

The Adjustable Dog Collar is fully adjustable. You can adjust the length from 38cm to 64cm, while the width is 3cm.

This dog collar is neoprene padded. This is a kind of synthetic rubber. It was developed by DuPont in 1930 and was originally known as Duprene. Today this material is used in a wide range of products including auto tires, coatings on exercise weights, wetsuits, etc.

The unit’s components are made from durable components. It also includes anti-corrosion D ring, which helps to extend the lifespan of the items. It’s also waterproof so you won’t have to worry about the collar getting rusty if your dog spends time outdoors in the rain or swimming in a pool, lake, etc.

The collars are available in two sizes. This provides two neck lengths and widths. It provides more versatility so you can find the right collar for dogs of different sizes, breeds, etc.

The Padded Adjustable Dog Collar offers a 15-year guarantee. This is quite generous compared to other units on the market. This will help to reduce how many collars you’ll have to buy over the lifespan of your dog.

The company also offers a color-coded awareness. This helps to prevent your pet pooch from being involved in accidents. This is definitely critical to help keep your dog as safe as possible.


  • Color-coded awareness items
  • High-quality materials
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosion
  • 15-year guarantee
  • • Fully adjustable


  • Sometimes breaks quickly
  • Buckle is low-quality
  • Refunds/customer service

5. Classic Nylon Dog Collar (Dark Orchid, Small) by Blueberry Pet.

Here’s another dog collar from Blueberry Pet. We really like the wide range of pet products like collars, harnesses, leashes, toys, beds, etc that they have to offer!

This collar is colored Dark Orchid. The collar is available in neck size ranging from 30cm to 40cm with a width of 1.5cm. It’s a small collar so it’s critical to make sure to measure your dog’s neck correctly so you can pick the right size collar based on the company’s in-house size chart.

The collar offers durability through the nylon fabric w/ high-density webbing. Another plus is the buckles are constructed from strong yet eco-friendly plastic. This makes the collar as friendly for the environment as for your pooch.

This collar isn’t for tie up outside or being left alone. You should also avoid keeping your dog unattended when wearing the collar and make sure you’re with your dog whenever they are wearing the collar.

Pro Tip: Make sure to take note that the collar doesn’t stretch on its own … so when sizing your dog for the collar make sure there are just 2 fingers in between the collar your dog’s neck.

The collar shouldn’t be too tight, which can cause discomfort for your dog. It also shouldn’t be too loose, which can allow your dog to chew on the collar and free itself from it.

It’s also worth noting that this collar is one product. You can purchase a lead/harness separately. This matches up well with the collar to get the best results.

If you want to provide the best setup, then you should consider this combo.


  • Size chart available
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Nylon fabric w/ high-density webbing
  • Bundled with matching lead/harness


  • Some dogs don’t like it
  • Lead/harness sold separately
  • Very stiff

6. Pawtitas Pet Soft Training Adjustable Reflective Stitching Puppy/Dog Collar

The Pawtitas tender training collar is perfect for developing pups who may gain from a more gentle grip.

Dogs, particularly those from the early training stages, might not require the strength and bulk of a bigger collar, and also the Pawtitas is a superb way to keep them secure without getting in their own way. 

The 13 colours also include a reflective strip that’s intended to reflect ambient lighting during the night or in low end ailments.

Owners notice you ought to put in a few centimeters into the length to correct for developing pups.


  • Soft and flexible
  • Thin diameter
  • Bright and noticeable colors
  • Ergonomically designed


  • May not be suitable for stronger dogs 
  • Comes up small
  • Shows up dirt

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVD

Even though a harness might be better for a few pulling pups, it is essential to locate a solution which is suitable for your particular pet — along with also a gentle chief is a fantastic training tool for several dogs.

It is supposed to suppress excessive pulling, tugging, and barking, and it’s only used while your puppy is learning the ideal way to walk on a leash.

It comes in five different sizes and eight colors, and has a training video to assist owners understand the best approach to utilize a pioneer.

The PetSafe pioneer has several avid fans that claim it is the first product which created their walks more agreeable.

Additionally, it is a excellent selection for fearful or aggressive dogs; owners say it will help them readily restrain lunging and barking.

We adore the PetSafe Gentle Leader since it is effective without rubbing or chafing, also uses a two-loop layout (looping round the neck and also the nose), allowing for optimum control with really powerful dogs.


  • Does not cause choking and is painless
  • Includes fitting instructions, training guide and comprehensive DVD
  • Provides immediate, gentle control


  • Adusting size can be a bit stiff
  • A little more expensive 

So there we have our round up of the best collars for general everyday use.

Have you any favorites that we have missed off – or any that you think should be included? 

Looking for something more specific, then don’t miss our guides coming soon on:

  • The Best Flea Collars for Dogs
  • The Best Dog Training Collars 
  • The Best Dog Shock Collars

Dont hesitate to drop us a line and let us know – we would love to hear from you!

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