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Why Does My Dog Smell Rotten?

We love our dogs, but sometimes they stink.

Sometimes it can be after a long walk, or a dip in a smelly pond, or maybe he’s been eating something a bit whiffy, but I’m not always sure why. It can make the less tolerant among us reconsider having a dog in the first place if it starts to stink the house out …! It doesn’t matter how cute they are, no one wants to cuddle up with a dog that smells bad.

So I’ve done my homework and come up with some tried and tested ways of getting rid of these nasty smells but let’s get started with understanding the causes of the bad smell in the first place

Why does my dog smell rotten?

Here are three main reasons why your dog might be producing that rotten smell.

Dental Issues

Dental issues are considered to be the main cause of bad breath in dogs. Just like in humans, pile up of tartar and plaque in dogs’ teeth will lead to dental problems such as gum diseases, Gingival Hyperplasia, which, in turn, will make your dogs produce bad breath.

Skin Issues

Most dogs are known to have overlapping folds in their skins. Think of the pugs, bulldogs, some mastiffs, etc. The folds can retain too many microorganisms and moisture which can result in infection build up causing bacteria. This, in turn, leads to the dog smelling bad.


Food or seasonal allergies can cause skin inflammation which can lead to excessive oil secretion from certain glands in the skin producing a rotten smell. Poor diet can also be a cause of musty smell since it can lead to problems such as yeast infections.

Ear Infections

There are several types of yeast and bacteria capable of causing ear infections. Any healthy ear is known to contain good defences that can help fight off such bacteria and yeast. However, in case your dog suffers from hormonal imbalances or allergies, the bacteria and yeast can increase causing a rotten smell.


Recommendations to get rid of the smell

There are dog owners who resort to using scented powders or cologne on their pets. However, such a move will only mask the odour.

The best way one can use to completely do away with their dogs’ rotten smell is discovering and eliminating the underlying cause. Below are some of the best methods any dog owner can use to get rid of the bad smell in their dogs.

Changing the Dog’s Diet

Switching your dog to a natural diet is one of the main ways any dog owner can use to get rid of their dog’s body odour. Dog owners can consider trying a high-quality natural brand that is available in some of their pets supply stores or switch to a homemade diet.

Look after the skin

There is a special type of yeast that lives on your pet’s skin which will at times multiply causing infections that can at times lead to rotten smell in your dog. It is advisable for dog owners to consider washing their pets with natural shampoos that will help kill the yeast and help your dog start smelling sweet again. You can read about the best dog shampoos for itchy skins. In case you are not sure of the type of shampoo to use, you can consider seeking your vet’s advice.

Try Using Some Supplements

You can eliminate the rotten smelling toxins in your dogs’ body by giving them fatty acid supplements together with their regular food. For example, you can consider using Omegaderm Oil which you can get from vets. Gerizyme, a multiple veterinary mineral tablet, can also be of great help. However, Gerizyme is only available through a vet.

Cleaning the Dog’s coat

Brushing and combing your dog on a regular basis will help remove its thick undercoat that traps moisture causing the bad smell. It is recommended that you comb your dog on a daily basis especially during the shedding season. Wet the dogs comb with water as it helps to remove loose hair.

Contact a Vet

There are dogs which are smellier than others. If the rotten smell persists despite performing a quick bath or use of supplements, it can point to a bigger problem such as tooth decay, kidney disease or other types of infections. In such a situation it is highly recommended that you contact a vet.


A smelly dog is not man’s best friend. However, as dog lovers, it is difficult for us to stay away from the puppies. We need to try different options to help get rid of the bad smell.

Which of the above options work for you?

Alternatively, did you try anything that worked for your dog?

Let me know in the comments sections. Feel free to share this post with your friends so that they can also benefit from some of the recommendations.

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